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Microsoft Takes the Pain out of Windows 10 Updates

You’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft’s bi-annual Windows 10 update is about to get a little less painful.

Microsoft has introduced a series of changes to the upgrade process which will be more closely aligned with that on offer from other online software offerings. As such, instead of a major all-singing, all-dancing update every few years, Microsoft will roll out small changes every six months.

This has come as good news to the users who have long been complaining about Microsoft’s lengthy upgrade process. Some of the recent issues encountered when a new version of Microsoft’s operating system is rolled out include inadequate notifications, slow updates, disruptive installations, and compatibility problems, among others.

Microsoft has promised to address all these issues with a new upgrade process that will be implemented as part of the 1803 build.

The biggest change that users can expect is a significant reduction in the amount of time the computers will need to be offline during updates. This is certainly called for. Build 1703, for example, which was launched in April 2017, took computers offline on average 82 minutes! According to Microsoft, the Spring Creators Update (build 1803), which is expected to be released in April 2018, will reduce the update time down to 30 minutes.

However, there is a trade-off to be had. Instead of taking the computer offline to perform the installation process, the installation will essentially run while the device is online. As such, users can expect to observe increased system activity during this phase.

To prevent the installation while in the midst of an important task, make sure you prevent automatic updates from running and schedule them to run at a time of your choosing; e.g., at midnight when you’re away from your desk.

So, can we expect pain-free updates? Will the Spring Creators Update solve the other problems users frequently complain about? We will know more next month when Version 1803 is released.