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June News Bytes

Telsa Offers to Finance Solar Power

Telsa has now started to take orders for its new Solar Roof offering but will limit the initial launch to two of four of the products in its solar roof portfolio: smooth and textured. However, the solar power product, which is priced around $21.85 per sq. ft., comes with a hefty price tag, with the average cost per roof reaching as high as $50,000+.

Unlike more conventional technologies, solar panels are a permanent fixture; as such, leasing options will not be available. However, Telsa assures consumers who are interested in the latest solar power technologies that they will have an opportunity to take advantage of financing options including personal and home loans.

Will Amazon Prime be Available on Apple TV?

Have Apple and Amazon put an end to their rivalry? For now, it seems they may have called a truce.

According to Buzzfeed, after years of fierce competition between the two giants, the Amazon Prime video app will soon be available on Apple TV.

If the rumors are true, this will come as welcome news to Amazon Prime members, many of whom have lamented their lack of ability to watch Amazon video content on their Apple TVs. While Apple TV users have been able to use a pared-down version of the video app, they have been unable to purchase videos or download the app to their devices.

Buzzfeed has also revealed that, in the spirit of cooperation, Amazon will once again sell Apple’s set-top box. Amazon and Apple are keeping quiet, so whether Buzzfeed’s predictions transpire is something that remains to be seen.

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