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July News Bytes

Amazon Launches Dash Wand
Amazon’s latest offering, the Dash Wand, is a voice-activated, battery-powered grocery scanner that aims to transform people’s shopping habits. Launched to coincide with Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, there can be no doubt that this latest product is part of Amazon’s ongoing efforts to disrupt the grocery industry. Users simply scan the barcode of any product they wish to purchase or simply tell the device what they want, and Amazon handles the rest.

This $20 gadget is simple to operate and even comes with a $20 shopping credit, which means it pays for itself. Once it has been loaded with the two provided AAA batteries and paired with a mobile device, users can link it with their Amazon accounts and home Wi-Fi systems.

Netflix Launches Interactive TV Shows with Branching
If you’re a fan of Choose Your Own Adventure books, Netflix’s latest offering, an interactive TV show, may be well up your street. Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale, is an interactive TV experience that allows the user to choose what happens in the story. A spin-off from the popular Netflix kids offering The Adventures of Puss in Boots, the interactive TV version presents the viewer with a series of questions that dictate how the story progresses.

Telsa Found Innocent in Collision Review
A US agency report has concluded that Telsa was not to blame in last year’s fatal car crash. According to investigators, the driver of the vehicle had not been watching a movie, as initially suspected, but had ignored a series of automated warnings to keep his hands on the wheel of the vehicle.

Although the tragic loss of the driver cannot be reversed, The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has concluded that Telsa was not to blame and that autopilot played no part in the fatal accident. In fact, the records revealed that the autopilot had repeatedly warned the driver of the need to keep his hands on the steering wheel yet the warnings went unheeded.