We offer IT support at Servicad for law offices. Imagine your system is down and you have several important cases that need immediate attention. Deadlines are critical in filing motions, answering petitions, etc and you could lose cases if your system is not up and running. You cannot afford to be paralyzed by a down computer system. Whether it be a natural disaster or a cyber attack, we are here for you.

Not only will you lose clients, but also your firm’s reputation is at stake. You need your computers running at all times. If there is a problem, you need help immediately. That is where the pros at Servicad come in. You’ll get your problem rectified as soon as possible so you and your clients can rest easy knowing the case won’t be settled against you because the court didn’t hear from you on time.

With a plan to handle your worst-case scenario, we can put into place protocols to avoid or fix any problems you may incur before they do permanent damage to your clients and your law firm.

We have many legal clients on board. Visit and check out some of the comments from our legal clients. We will not let you or your client suffer because of a computer issue. We understand there is a lot at stake here and we will not drop the ball.

Our vendor experience is highly versed in the software and hosted solutions commonly used within the legal industry.

  • Primafact
  • Equitrac
  • LexisNexis PCLaw
  • LexisNexis Time Matters
  • Practice and Case Management software
  • and more…