• How to Establish a Paperless Office

    In business, we’re still very reliant on paper. Why, though? Mountains of paperwork create storage issues, are impossible to recover if lost and are expensive to distribute. Today’s technology has made it possible for businesses to cut back, or even stop, their dependence on paper. We’ve put together some of our top tips for working […]

  • News Bytes – January

    Apple Offers Discounted Batteries to Recover the Performance of Older iPhones In a bid to reduce animosity following revelations that Apple had intentionally slowed batteries on some of its older handsets, it recently revealed that it would offer customers a $29 replacement battery (at a discount of $50) that was guaranteed to return iPhone 6 […]

  • Improve Your Staff’s Productivity Using These Five Tip

    Increasing employee productivity is a positive approach for companies, regardless of the industry; however, the concept can be rather vague. Productivity means more than just working to meet a given quality standard, therefore, it isn’t always immediately clear how to achieve optimum outcomes while maintaining standards and keeping your employees happy. Here are a few […]

  • April News Bytes

    IRS Warns of Tax Preparer’s Scam The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has warned tax professionals and payers to be vigilant amid a new wave of scams. As the 2017 tax season comes to a close, a new scam has emerged in which thieves send an email posing as the taxpayer and instruct the preparer to […]