IT Industry Trends

  • News Bytes – May

    $2000 for a failing phone? The new Samsung Galaxy Fold, which was supposed to introduce ground-breaking new foldable smartphone technology, is beset with problems after claims from reviewers and early adopters that the technology is easy to break. There have been reports of dirt getting into the device’s hinge, damaging the screen display, of the […]

  • News Bytes – April

    Facebook and Google Conned out of $121 Million Lithuanian Evaldas Rimasauskas has recently admitted conning Facebook and Google into sending him over $100 million. Pleading guilty to one count of wire fraud, Rimasauskas will forfeit $49.7 million. Working with unknown co-conspirators, the man is said to have assisted a fake email campaign targeting Facebook and […]

  • Getting on Top of the Cloud

    Cloud technology should be an advantage, not a hindrance. Despite this, many firms are suffering from sky-high cloud resource management costs. What’s worse? These costs are unnecessary. With a strong cloud resource management strategy, your firm could save a significant sum. According to industry experts, the average business spends 35% more than it should on […]

  • News Bytes – July

    Facebook’s Fight against Fake News Facebook has just announced new initiatives to prevent the dissemination of fake news on its platform. In addition to using technological devices and human input to recognize and delete counterfeit accounts, they will be employing fact checkers and educating users on how to identify fake news. Facebook’s program will also […]

  • The 4 Azure Options for Implementing Single Sign-On

    A wide range of options are available for those looking to employ a Single Sign-on (SSO) in Azure. Here’s an overview of the options that are currently available: Cloud-only Passwords Without SSO With this option, SSO’s are not used: Office365 accounts login independent of the local Active Directory. This option is quick to implement, allows […]

  • News Bytes – May

    New Facebook Community Standards Announced Facebook has finally shared the rules it applies to determine whether to ban posts. Here’s a list of the things that will lead to removal: Credible violence: Threats of violence will be taken down if they are “credible.” Instructions on how to make and use weapons will also be removed. […]

  • News Bytes – April

    Google Chrome to Block Autoplay Videos That Have Sound This will come as welcome news to many: Google is set to put an end to those annoying autoplay videos that blast out sound upon loading. Version 66 of Chrome contains changes to autoplay settings that will block videos from being played if the sound is […]

  • News Bytes – March

    Google Bulletins Launches in Text Phase, But What’s So Special? Google has set its sights on facilitating local news broadcasts with a new tool, Google Bulletin, which will be open to any community members who wish to post local news items. However, the finer details as to how this local news network will actually work […]