May 2017

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  • Question of the Month – May

    Question: Is there a big difference between HDMI 1.4 and 2.0? Answer: HDMI 2.0 became the new standard at the end of 2013 but, three and a half years later, people remain confused as to what this actually means for their TV and entertainment systems. Are all HDMI 1.4 appliances suddenly going to be rendered […]

  • Why Your Outdated Office Equipment Could be Harmful to the Environment

    Many businesses simply choose to suck it up and carry on when their office equipment becomes out of date. Keen to avoid the cost of upgrading to more contemporary technology, they continue to operate peripherals, computers, and server rooms to the point of failure before investing in new technologies. However, in addition to being potentially […]

  • May News Bytes

    LastPass Vulnerability Remains an Issue LastPass, the well-known password management company, has uncovered a major client-side security exposure that could put its users’ data at risk. At the end of March, Google’s security researcher, Tavis Ormandy, hit the news again when he tweeted that he had worked out how to execute code in the LastPass […]

  • How to Get Windows 10 Creators Update

    After a few false starts and plenty of beta releases, Windows 10 Creators Update has finally gone live. According to a blog post that was published in early April, Microsoft disclosed that PC users could update the Windows 10 Creators Update manually in advance of the official go-live date. If you want to get your […]